FBI & Indian Law Enforcement agencies' joint operations led to 26 arrests for Cyber Crimes and Call Center Frauds

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recently released Internet Crime Report for 2023 - The US’ FBI and Indian law enforcement agencies launched 13 joint operations in 2023 and made 26 arrests for cyber-enabled financial crimes and call centre frauds. Indian authorities collaborated with FBI's legal attache in New Delhi, the agency's Washington field office and the department of justice (DoJ) on cyber crimes and call centre frauds since 2022.

"In 2023, Indian law enforcement accomplished multiple call center raids, disruptions, seizures, and arrests of the individuals alleged to be involved in perpetrating these crimes. The FBI enabled 26 arrests through 13 joint operations with Indian authorities."

"The WFO (Washington Field Office) conducted hundreds of interviews and continues to support Indian law enforcement efforts and prosecution of call centers perpetrating these frauds,"

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