OSP Compliance for Call Center

In June 2021, the Department of Telecom issued a new set of regulations around OSP compliance. These regulations radically simplified the OSP norms – which reduced the overhead associated with OSP compliance. This has been good news for call centers, and other such companies that rely on voice-based support as a business.

Please note, OSP regulation has been simplified, not discarded. All call centers are still expected to adhere to OSP compliance and there are consequences for being non-compliant. The voice network of the OSP needs to adhere to rules around: 

πŸ”– Toll Bypass 

πŸ”– Maintenance of records and logs 

πŸ”– Security conditions 

πŸ”– Connectivity requirements between POPs and OSP Centers 

πŸ”– Remote working agents 

*Learn more at the OZG website for OSP compliance.*

πŸ“² www.ospcompliance.com

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